Fiction meets reality

nov 9th, 2016
Rare VHS from the Winney Co archives.

I wish i could be a superhero

mar 13th, 2011

Winney : i wish i could be a super heroe…

dons :


What’s wrong with Winney ?

fév 22nd, 2006

Winney Gacha Gacha vending machine

sept 12th, 2004
Sony Creative Product, Japan.

Winney is a bull, but a delicately engraved clear cristal bull.

mai 1st, 2004
Baccarat clear crystal. Hand engraved. 12 cm hight. 
Sold out.

Winney is a bull, but a BIG clear cristal bull.

avr 12th, 2004
This tall version of Baccarat clear cristal Winney was made at 3 samples.
Weight : 12 kg.
One was sold, one is kept at Baccarat museum, and one was broken during its robbery at Lafayette Maison store in Paris.

Winney the bull & Loosey the mule

août 8th, 2003

pitching Winney in Hollywood.

mar 16th, 2003

Winney Jubilee colette window

déc 24th, 1999
The first week of our exhibition « Winney Jubilee » at Colette Paris, we had a nice window presenting the cute Winney, orange and blue color, with a clean flag.
The second week of the exhibition, we never know how the hell this cute window turned into this demoniac burned version.
Maybe there is something wrong with Winney ?

Winney & Loosey Gold Diggers

fév 24th, 1999
Image issue du dessin animé.
La fiction: ce Sparkartoon de 1922 présente Winney et Loosey combattant ensemble dans une petite ville du Far West. Sur cette photo, Winney montre un grand talent pour gagner de l’argent.
Ce dessin animé est la seule trace de l’existence du personnage Loosey, qui semble avoir été co-star de Winney. Loosey n’a donc jamais eu la chance de devenir aussi célèbre que Winney. En raison de son nom peut-être …
Les faits: ce dessin animé a été créé par nous en 1999, et a fait partie de l’exposition Winney Jubilé, qui s’est tenue chez Colette, à Paris.Still picture of the animated cartoon.
The Fiction : this Sparkartoon from 1922 is featuring characters Winney and Loosey that fight together in a small Far West town.  In this picture, Winney shows great talent to get money.
It is a true fact that this cartoon is the only evidence remaining of the existence of Loosey character, which seems to, at that time, to be a co-star of the now worldwide famous Winney character. Loosey never got the chance to become as famous as Winney. Due to his name possibly…
The Facts : this cartoon was created by us in 1999, and was part of the Winney Jubilee exhibition, held at Colette, Paris.

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