« Catch Me If You Can » title sequence among most essential of the 21st century

juil 24th, 2017

Kuntzel + Deygas’s credit sequence for Steven Spielberg’s « Catch Me If You Can » among BFI’s selection of the 10 most important title sequences of the 21st century.

MinuSkull « La source sonore » dans Madame Figaro

déc 7th, 2016


Prix La Parisienne : les femmes influentes 2016

mar 17th, 2016

magazine Faux Q #11 Or features Grateful Vanity

mar 12th, 2016
This issue of Faux Q magazine – the exentric brainchild of Antigone Schilling – is exploring OR (gold) in a Dadaist way – which means through the imagery created by french language arty puns.
That is why Grateful Vanity, due to its vast cavities, is classified in the « ORifice » (in french : hole) section.
Credit photo : Mohamed Khalil.
Dadaist price : 10,01 euros.

Cap&Pep sniff at this season’s fashion … in Metropolitan magazine

mar 11th, 2016
See how Cap & Pep reacted at the invitation of Adriano Cattini, art director of Metropolitan magazine, the Eurostar free publication.
Caperino:  travelling Eurostar Paris to London back and forth everyday non stop during March… I feel exhausted.
Peperone: it’s a hard work to meet 800k travelers in one month.

Elle Taiwan 70th anniversary issue cover(s).

nov 1st, 2015
At the invitation of Elle Taiwan, we added drawings to pictures, to enhance the flavor of the past 7 decades expressed by this fashion report.
4 covers variations and 7 pages.
Credits : Jolin Tsai is photographed by Ming-shih Chian / Fashion director Kate Chen / Chief Editor Florence Lu.

Vogue.fr Converse et ses collabs, avec Cap&Pep

août 11th, 2015
Caperino : do you remember our trip to New York in 2008 ?
Peperone : yes, it was for this Colette X Gap event. We’ve been doing good job, for example this pair of Converse, we gave it our eyes to be more efficient.


Twingo sur le tramway à Turin

oct 17th, 2014

CB News

oct 10th, 2014

Tom Browne paper dolls

oct 2nd, 2014


Style magazine (Sunday Times) « Tales of bold »

sept 28th, 2014
Photos by Gaëlle Le Boulicaut.  Interview by Jeremy Callaghan.  
House decorated by Marianne Evennou.

CBnews << Publicis : Twingo s'illustre avec Kuntzel+Deygas>>

août 29th, 2014
l’article de Carole Soussan ICI

Strategies.fr : Twingo roule d’art d’art, avec Publicis Conseil et Kuntzel+Deygas

août 29th, 2014
L’article de Ingrid Zerbib  ICI

Fubiz.com : Renault Twingo by Kuntzel & Deygas

août 29th, 2014
L’article ICI

Elle Decoration China.

nov 25th, 2013
12 pages.
Photos by Gaëlle Le Boulicaut. Interview by Jeremy Callaghan.
House decorated by  Marianne Evennou.

Les Echos online

sept 6th, 2013
Du bon usage de l’égérie.
Par Johanne Courbatère de Gaudric.
Lire ici.

Côté Paris

août 26th, 2013
ITW Noémie Barré. Photo Nicolas Millet.

Le Parisien

mai 13th, 2013
La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain, la publicité TV préférée des Français en 2012.
La Petite Robe Noire Guerlain, the favorite French TV advertising in 2012.

Los Angeles Times

mar 23rd, 2013
<<The most memorable credit sequences always do reflect the spirit of a film in some unique way, of course. The mini-film before the film title sequence from “Catch Me if You Can” created by the design firm Kuntzel + Deygas comes instantly to mind>>
By Deborah Netburn in:
Oz the Great and Powerful’ and the art of the opening title sequence
A nice occasion to watch again some smart and dazzling  title or credit sequences such as the ones for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Big Lebowski, Golfingers.

Case da Abitare : neogotico

mar 9th, 2013
Cover and  12 pages.
Photos Gaëlle Le Boulicaut. Interview Jeremy Callaghan.
Thanks to Marianne Evennou who permitted this encounter.

L’Officiel Italie feat. Bvlgari

mar 1st, 2013

Rough Dreams

jan 30th, 2013
Rough Dreams report at our atelier.
Itw conducted by Fanny Ginies.
Knock here for the full story .

Ideat magazine

déc 17th, 2012

Côté Paris.

déc 12th, 2012
ITW :Martine Duteil. Photos : Jean-Marc Palisse.


sept 18th, 2012
Par Ivan Lozic. 

L’Express Styles

mar 28th, 2012
Par Guillaume Crouzet. Photos Khalil.
Online additionnal here.


Beaux Arts éditions

oct 1st, 2011
Expérience Pommery #9



juin 1st, 2011
Par Anne-Cécile Sanchez . Photo: Khalil

The Independant

mar 10th, 2011
Tim Walker from The Independant, London, wrote  this captivating article about title sequences…
To read online here : CLIC




déc 1st, 2010
Par Julie André. Photos Philip Andelman


sept 28th, 2010
Par Marc Valli. 

Libertines issue 3

sept 21st, 2010
Browsing the pages of this special Asian Fashion issue, i had the excellent surprise to see Hans Joachim Roedelius (we love his music, and we have project with him) pictured for a CLUSTER interview. As a bonus, some can enjoy the drawing i do each month as the Editors portrait.
Florence Deygas


fascineshion for Kuntzel+Deygas

fév 16th, 2010

fascination.com : video report on Jumelages exhibition, by Sabine Morandini. clic here to watch.


STUFFZ – Design on Material

déc 1st, 2009
par Sijuan

Yatzer.com : Veuve Clicquot

avr 10th, 2009

Gas Book 23

jan 1st, 2006
Par Kuntzel+Deygas

Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design

mai 28th, 2005
V&A Publications
Par Shaun Cole

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