Cap&Pep sniff at this season’s fashion … in Metropolitan magazine

mar 11th, 2016
See how Cap & Pep reacted at the invitation of Adriano Cattini, art director of Metropolitan magazine, the Eurostar free publication.
Caperino:  travelling Eurostar Paris to London back and forth everyday non stop during March… I feel exhausted.
Peperone: it’s a hard work to meet 800k travelers in one month.

Cap & Pep en vacances

août 11th, 2015
Caperino : tu ne trouves pas bizarre que les peignoirs de l’hôtel soient jaune Petit Dragon, et qu’il y aie des Nunchaku sur les tables de nuit?
Peperone : Mais non, c’est comme ça dans tous les hôtels du groupe Renés&Châteaux , la touche Bruce Lee c’est leur signature. Converse et ses collabs, avec Cap&Pep

août 11th, 2015
Caperino : do you remember our trip to New York in 2008 ?
Peperone : yes, it was for this Colette X Gap event. We’ve been doing good job, for example this pair of Converse, we gave it our eyes to be more efficient.


Sens caché

fév 23rd, 2015
Caperino: John Lasseter biopic won an Oscar yesterday !
Peperone: Biopic ? i thought it was a short fiction about food and love ?
Caperino: Yes it is, about Food, Love, and Who you belong to.
Peperone: But John is not a dog, and the film is about a tramp dog, who is happy to eat junk food with its new master, until he becomes unhappy to eat diet dog food when his master marries a diet girl – which he accept if it means he sacrifies for the benefit of the couple – and at the end the dog’s happiness will come again from the new born child, and the incredible amount of cakes and candies he can finally get.
Caperino : thats’ John’s life ! He was running an independant company, Pixar, then he was very happy to find a master, i mean an investor, Steve Jobs, and he had great fun doing amazing creations, then his master married with Disney, and the life changed… But now, the hope for a better life – for John – is obviously next generation. From my point of view, this is the hidden message of this oscar winning short film.
Peperone: …

Je te suis qui suis Charlie

jan 9th, 2015

Caperino & Peperone On The Right Way

Happy Halloween

oct 31st, 2014

Stone edges

oct 3rd, 2014

Caperino : i’m stone
Peperone : can’t we roll ?

Cap & Pep summer break

août 18th, 2013

ukulele roland garros

mai 29th, 2013
Caperino : I prefer tennis women…
Peperone : i love the way they play music

La société des égaux

avr 4th, 2013
Caperino : sommes nous égaux ?
Peperone : la vrai question est « en quoi » sommes nous égaux
Peperone : j’ai beaucoup aimé cette histoire d’égalité d’espérance.
Caperino : je ne savais pas que peu de temps après avoir instauré le tutoyement obligatoire, les citoyens français en ont eu marre et ont laissé tombé.
Peperone : pendant ce temps là les nouveaux américain libres décidaient d’égaliser par le haut, tout le monde s’appellait Sir et Lady. C’est cool ! C’est vrai après tout pourquoi égaliser par le bas ?
Caperino : on appelle ça niveler.
Peperone : normaliser ?
Caperino : la Norme, pouah, c’est triste quand tout est normé. J’aime bien que tu sois plus gros que moi !
Peperone : plus GRAND s’il te plaît.
Caperino : ok.

Pas pour les chiens

mai 16th, 2011

Cooklette avec Apollonia Poilâne et Cap&Pep, chez colette … Inscrivez vous !


Flowa Powa at Mitsukoshi

avr 21st, 2011

Caperino & Peperone Flowa Powa exhibition at Mitsukoshi, Ginza store, Tokyo.






Tapis rond Caperino & Peperone, Flowa Powa.

avr 19th, 2011
Tapis rond, tufté main à la Manufacture de Moroges, France.
Round carpet, hand tufted at manufacture de Moroges, France.
Tirage / Edition : 8.

Caperino & Peperone Flowa Powa exhibition at Mitsukoshi dept. store

avr 19th, 2011

From april 20th to may 5th in Tokyo Ginza store, and from april 27th to may 5th at Nagoya store, Mitsukoshi dept store hosts our « Caperino & Peperone Flowa Powa » exhibition.

Unique creations such as traditional laquered trays and card cases by Kirimoto artcraft house, or  fabric fans by Chiso house in Kyoto,  a new bracelet and necklace by Ahkah, yummy candies by Eitaro, luggages with Globe Trotter, of course umbrellas and hankerchieves and tote bags… each featuring the Flowa Powa design story by Cap&Pep.

photos and infos in Flowa Powa facebook page



A serie of one-of-a-kind drawings on paper.


Flowa Powa for Japan

mar 27th, 2011
The 62 one-of-a-kind drawings of our exhibition Flowa Powa will be sold at  Mitsukoshi , Ginza store, Tokyo.
Money raised will go to the Japan Red Cross.
Below, a glimpse of the 62. A4 format, ink on paper, signed. 
Sold out. Many thanks.
Flowa Powa exhibition infos here.















Ah Paris at Isetan, Tokyo

juin 14th, 2010

Isetan central space The Stage is now hosting the launch of our Ah Paris collection for Japanese fine jeweller AHKAH. The whole set is  decorated with design taken from our very « paris-jenne » (it’s how japanese say « parisienne » ) creations .


Caperino & Peperone Very Square

fév 22nd, 2010
Tapis carré, tissé à la Manufacture de Moroges, France.
Square carpet, hand woven at Manufacture de Moroges, France.
Tirage / Edition : 8.
Commande / Order :

Caperino & Peperone Hype Notic

fév 22nd, 2010
Tapis rond, tufté main à la Manufacture de Moroges, France.
Square carpet, hand tufted at Manufacture de Moroges, France.
Tirage / Edition : 8.
Commande / Order :

Ahkah x Cap & Pep

fév 7th, 2010

A Cap&Pep necklace by Ahkah, from the mini collection presented at Joyce Hong Kong…


Caperino & Peperone Haute Fidélité

juil 30th, 2009
Sound installation.


colette party in Tokio

oct 31st, 2004
Caperino : and the winner was…
Peperone : Kaaaaaaarl !

Le grand plongeoir

juil 28th, 2003

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