Bye bye lovely 2015, hello mysterious 2016 !

déc 31st, 2015

Wishing you a lovely, pretty and merry Christmas!

déc 25th, 2015

Happy St. Catherine’s Day ! Wear your craziest home-made hat !

nov 25th, 2015

Dress up with Christmas lights !

nov 20th, 2015

Halloween meets Cinderella…

oct 30th, 2015

Art around the clock … explore the arty side of Paris by Night !

oct 26th, 2015

My arty-ficial wardrobe, I love Fiac !

oct 22nd, 2015

Iphone friendly Gif animated stickers

sept 30th, 2015
Une garde robe complète pour habiller (presque)  toutes les  Emotions.
A full wardrobe for any Emotional occasion. 
Iphone friendly only. Seulement pour Iphone.
get it here / ici. or scan the QR Code :


Paris fashion week : be gorgeous and organized !

sept 29th, 2015

Deauville Festival, be chic like a Nouvelle Vague movie maker !

sept 4th, 2015

Happy holidays, day and night !

août 15th, 2015

Happy holidays, day and night !


Shooting stars’ night: make a sparkling wish!

août 7th, 2015

Roll on the holidays!

juil 25th, 2015

13th of July, a french Cancan with the Parisien firemen?

juil 13th, 2015

High, high Fashion, dress up up up !

juil 5th, 2015

My little black Rhapsody, dress up and dance!

juin 21st, 2015

Royal Ascot, no pony tail today, pick the right hat!

juin 20th, 2015

Neighbour’s party? I’m in!

mai 29th, 2015


Cannes film festival, give me the Palme d’or!

mai 24th, 2015

Happy 1st of May, ring the flore bells!

mai 1st, 2015

Marathon de Paris, so much fun. A real triumph!

avr 12th, 2015

Marathon de Paris, get ready, be chic!

avr 7th, 2015


Keep your eyes for a surprise, April fools’day!

avr 1st, 2015

« Everything is blooming, even my dress. Welcome springtime! »

mar 21st, 2015

Happy Women’s Day 2015!

mar 8th, 2015

Always élégant and fashionable, la petite robe noire has a whole sentez wardrobe prepared for Paris Fashion Week.

mar 3rd, 2015

La petite robe noire wishes you a lovely Valentines Day, full of love and especially séduction!

fév 14th, 2015

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