Winney Twist with Madame Clicquot – Veuve Clicquot Japan charity event.

oct 18th, 2006
Artnimation. DVD. Multiple of 3.
We’ve been invited by Veuve Clicquot Japan to create a piece of art that was sold by auction during a charity event.
The thema of the invitation was « Twist with Veuve Clicquot ».
We took this idea litterally, and we created an animated sequence featuring our character Winney, an orange cute bull-boy,who invite Madame Clicquot to dance the Twist.
The actual classical painting becomes animated, Madame Clicquot agree to dance.
The DVD is presented in a box evoquing a vynil record cover from the sixties. The video plays verticaly, following the format of the original painting of Madame Clicquot.
The music is « Charlatan », by April March, from her album Chrominance Decoder (Tricatel records).


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