Sens caché

fév 23rd, 2015
Caperino: John Lasseter biopic won an Oscar yesterday !
Peperone: Biopic ? i thought it was a short fiction about food and love ?
Caperino: Yes it is, about Food, Love, and Who you belong to.
Peperone: But John is not a dog, and the film is about a tramp dog, who is happy to eat junk food with its new master, until he becomes unhappy to eat diet dog food when his master marries a diet girl – which he accept if it means he sacrifies for the benefit of the couple – and at the end the dog’s happiness will come again from the new born child, and the incredible amount of cakes and candies he can finally get.
Caperino : thats’ John’s life ! He was running an independant company, Pixar, then he was very happy to find a master, i mean an investor, Steve Jobs, and he had great fun doing amazing creations, then his master married with Disney, and the life changed… But now, the hope for a better life – for John – is obviously next generation. From my point of view, this is the hidden message of this oscar winning short film.
Peperone: …

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